I’m fiending! How long do I have to wait for my hit?

We fresh cook every Tuesday and ship Wednesdays. In most instances you will receive before the end of that week. However, delivery can take anywhere from 3-5 days and rural delivery takes a little longer. It’s worth the wait. 

What kind of pork do you use?

We ONLY source happy wee pigs from NZ ‘s most idyllic Free Farmed or Free Range pork farms. We don’t support the practice of factory farming in the slightest. Happy pigs make for better tasting crack. Fact.

My kids keep stealing my stash, is it ok for them to eat?

Absolutely!! It’s never too early to start a crack habit. Because it is made from all natural ingredients it is completely safe for your wee human to eat and is particularly good for teething  - we recommend ordering the Au Naturel flavour which is lightly seasoned with Himalayan Pink Salt.

What if I have no teeth?

Buy it for a friend and get them to describe to you just what you’re missing out on.

What happens if my crack isn’t as amazing as I was expecting?

It would break our hearts if we knew that you didn’t love every mouthful so if you aren’t 100% happy with your order please get in touch via hitmeup@libbysporkcrack.com and we’ll sort out a replacement for you.

I’m allergic to gluten and don’t eat sugar, is crack a legit snack option for me?

Get your fiend on my friend! The only ingredients we use are Free Farmed or Free Range Rind, Himalayan Pink Salt and Organic Spices (in the Hot & Spicy and Moroccan varieties) there are absolutely no artificial additives, MSG, e-numbers and definitely no gluten based proteins involved.

How many bags should I order at one time?

All the bags.

What is the shelf life on the crack?

Our unique crack is cooked fresh to order, with a shelf life of 6 weeks on it. If you haven't eaten your entire order after 5 weeks your doing it wrong.